Luggage check-in

Thomas Cook has a check-in counter open outside the reception area for our guests travelling with Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia.

Day Flight Check in time
Sunday DK1171 to Copenhagen 07:00-08:00  
Sunday DK1435 to Örebro 07:00-08:00  
Sunday DK1081 to Sandefjord 07:00-08:00  
Sunday DK1497 to Jönköping 07:00-08:00
Sunday DK1009 to Trondheim 07:00-08:00  
Sunday DK1587 to Oslo 08:00-09:00  
Sunday DK1649 to Arlanda 08:00-09:00
Sunday DK1809 to Göteborg 08:00-09:00  
Sunday DK1467 to Malmö 09:30-10:30  
Sunday DK1269 to Billund 09:30-10:30  
Sunday DK1041 to Stavanger 09:30-10:30  
 Sunday DK1511 to Bergen  10:30-11:00
 Sunday DK4497 to Oslo  10:30-11:00
Wednesday DK1449 to Kalmar 07:00-07:30
Wednesday DK1805 to Göteborg 08:00-08:30
Wednesday DK1169 to Copenhagen 08:00-08:30
Wednesday DK1347 to Helsinki 09:00-09:30
 Friday  DK1645 to Arlanda 10:00-10:30