The best shopping is found in Rhodes town. The main shopping street is Ethnarchou Makario, close to Cyprus Square. There are smaller pedestrian streets nearby, with lots of small shops.

Another shopping street; Sokrates, is found in the old town, with both ordinary and souvenir shops. Here you can try your skills at haggling, particularly when it comes to gold and leather. Clothes are generally more expensive than back home, but shoes may well be cheaper. Sandals are a popular article. Opening hours are normally Monday-Saturday 08.30 am - 1.30 pm, and 5 pm - 9 pm, except on weekends. Souvenir shops and small supermarkets are open 8 am -10 pm.

Rhodos Silver
There are lots of jewelry shops on Rhodes, particularly in the old town. Rhodos Silver stocks nice silver things: rings, bracelets, necklaces, swords etc. The shop is on Protogenous street 22, a cross road to the main shopping street Sokrates in Rhodes old town.

Rhodos Gold
Gold is cheap in Greece. If you are thinking about buying a necklace, a ring or something else, then the shop Rodos Gold is worth a visit. It is renowned for its reliability, and we can recommend it. It also houses a bridal gown department and a café. The shop is located 10 kilometers from Rhodes town, along the road to Lindos. On our trip to Lindos, we make a stop in the shop, said to be one of Europe's largest of its kind. You can also call them and they will pick you up and drive you back, with no obligation to purchase anything. Web site: Telephone: 22410 86670 /71 /72/73.

Lindos Supermarket
Well stocked shop with both food and other articles. Large range of Swedish and Scandinavian goods an newspapers. Reasonable prices and very nice owners. Located across the road from Hotel Constantin in Rhodes town. Address: 50, Amerikis street. Telephone: 22410 36605.

Tradition Greek Products
All lovers of Greece and its traditions should visit this souvenir shop, stocking loads of interesting articles as well as a range of health products. Across the road from restaurant Rustico in the old town. Address: 8 Ippodamoy street. Telephone: 22410 24236.


The most popular market is called Agios Dimitris, held next to the cemetery. Open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7 am to 1 pm. On Thursdays you can also visit the market by Diagoras stadion, with similar opening hours. Vegetables, fruit, fish, clothes, shoes, textiles and carpets are for sale, among other things.

Beware of what you bring home, especially souvenirs made of plants or animals and pirate copies. Learn more here.

Respect Our Planet

Each of us can make a difference to our planet, so where better to start than during your relaxing getaway while you're in the destination? Check out a few simple tips from us:

  • What makes sea water so clear? Answer: countless organisms in the waters, such as coral and fish. Avoid touching them when you're snorkeling or diving, as this helps the environment to stay colourful and diverse.
  • Make sure you dispose of your rubbish properly in the containers. This helps to reduce the amounts of non-biodegradable plastic waste in our oceans. Thanks for protecting the flora and fauna living there!
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