Dear Valued Guest, The Resort is closed during winter season. All activity programs including Restaurant menus will be uploaded shortly before the Resort opens for the summer.

Services & prices

Exchange of Pool & Beach towel is free of charge and you can do this in the Reception. For each lost Pool & Beach towel 20 euro will be charged to your account.

Customers can send SMS to call center, and will receive the answer within 1 hour between 08:00-20:00. If you send a sms to call center after 20:00 you will get the answer the following day after 09:00.

If you would like to have late check-out please ask reception as soon as possible due to limited availability.The cost is 50,00 euro + tax 4,00 euro. If you keep your own apartment as Day Use room,there will not be any cleaning on that day.

Welcome Package including flowers, fruits, snacks, beer, wine and water can be booked in the Reception for the price of 40.00 euro.

Currency Exchange service is available at our Reception, here you will also find the current exchange rates.

Taxes and fees
The Greek authorities levy a tax on hotel stays. This tax varies according to official hotel category and length of stay, and must be paid before departure by cash.
The following tax rates apply per room night: 

Hotel/apartment with official category 5 stars: 4 euro

Hotel/apartment with official category 4 stars: 3 euro

Hotel/apartment with official category 3 stars: 1.50 euro 

Hotel/apartment with official category 1-2 stars: 0.5 euro

When booking a day use apartment at departure the above tax (4 euro) will be charged as well. Note that the Tour Operators classification of the hotel may differ from the official category, which is the basis of this tax.